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chevy42083's truck's life...

Cliffs aka pic gallery

Table of Contents

Post #2:
16x8 American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels
Power Slot drilled/slotted rotors
Fiberglass bed cover (checkmate?... name slips my mind right now)

Post #3:
V8 and Auto install
Track times
Gearing calculations on top speed

Post #4:

Wreck #1

Post #5:
Goodmark Gen 1 cowl hood (purchased w/ a group purchase on SSF)
Shaved antenna and hood squirters

Post #6
Wreck #2
Videos... running with wrecked front-end

Post #7:

tear down & Parts acquisition begins
Complete used front-end
Superior radiators V8 swap radiator (ebay store)
Purchased SUM-G3910 Distribution block, T fitting, and proportioning valve all in one - $115
Volvo recall fan
Purchased Alan Grove Components Low mount LT1 alt. bracket. From Alterstart on Ebay - $60

Post #10:

Moving truck to have room to work on it.

Post #27:

Removal and (begin) installation of under hood brake stuff

<insert lots of random posting about parts searching for balancers and getting the run-around... Basically, autozone either has a number wrong, or a part in the wrong box. Never should have been that difficult.>

Post #71 & 72

Alt. bracket installed
Underhood brake stuff installed
Summit Racing Battery Relocation wires SUM-G1208 arrive - $73

Post #87

Belt for alt. bracket
Insulation on plug wires
Remote Battery box and wiring installed pics

Post #102

Tabs welded to core for mounting radiator
ebay Throttle Body airfoil installed

Post #106

Video - The neighbors roooster... oh, and the first time firing the truck back together after the accident.

Post #112

Worked through the night.
Radiator mounted v1.0

Post #117

Installed fenders and hood
First vid of it running (and staying running)

Post #127

Bumper/grill/lights installed.
Another drive... but running like crap this time.
Pic of butchered y-pipe

Post #134

Considering different coolant overflow tanks

Post #151

Beginning to De-ratnest it.

Post #152

De-ratnesting V.BehindDash

Post #185

Custom Printed gauges
LS1 brake prep

Post #203

Finish up de-wiring and integrating the painless harness to stock cluster.
Start of determining VSS wire for cluster

Post #214

First try with hotwire's aldl datacable - failure.
Following several posts full of confusion, including purchasing a new pcm

Post #241

Pic of painted front calipers

Post #254

video of truck running (badly) no Fbody pcm

Post #258

Getting Bbody pcm to read with OBD1 connector and OBDII connector
False alarm of mixing up knock sensor and coolant temp sensor

Post #286

First look at fuel trims using scanner

Post #292

Bbody PCM part number

Post #298

Got Data-logging and tuning software to work

Post #309

Injector Identification

Post #312

Potential Horsepower vs injector calculations

Post #329

Calibrating V6 tach to work with V8

Post #332

Purchased Coolant overflow
Shift light not working well... too slow.

Post #335

Shopping for plug wire looms

Post #343

Shimmed 98+ bumper to 94 grill
Ordered F.I.C. injectors

Post #346

First pics out of the shop, and video, and datalog with 20#injectors, and stock pump.
Injector duty cycle around 130%

Post #352

New Valve covers on

Post #368

specs on New injectors

Post #371

Fuel Pressure info

Post #371

Walbro on the way
3rd brake light works

Post #387

Registration sticker
Dash speakers in
Released Magic smoke from cluster
Pics at Brothers - sanded grill
S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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Original Post....

Ok, I never had a project thread on the pickup, and figured if I'm gonna do it... I'll do it right. This is the story of my truck.... from the beginning. Don't have any pics of it from it's first couple years. Which is fine... it was UGLY. Khaki does NOT belong with chrome.

Back story:
Dad traded in his 1991 blazer on an odd little truck late '93/early'94. I think the drivetrain and sticker price were the driving force... it wasn't looks.

Paint: Black and Khaki (GM's name). Yes the truck is factory colors and scheme... most non-s-series people don't believe me.
V6, 5spd, 2.73 rearend gear
Chrome LS trim package (yes, chrome grill, plastic/chrome moldings and fender trim. Which matched the silver alloy LS wheels most awesomely

We convinced dad to start autocrossing again (he did it years before having kids). First couple times on stock everything. Little mods here and there... mainly drop blocks, springs, and Carerra shocks. I still couldn't drive at this point (not old enough).

As SOON as I got my permit my dad was teaching me to drag race, and teaching me just how high we can run the gears (don't think he even knew at this point it was a 2.73 gear... and the truck had no tach). 3rd gear still pulled HARD when it slammed into the speed limiter at 98mph. Before getting my license, I attended my first autoX. We had a set of IROC wheels with slicks by this time, and were running a straight 3in pipe... no cat, and a removeable muffler section. DEFINITELY got the odd looks from the porsche/bmw drivers . My first time out.... I was hooked... I had NO IDEA what the truck was capable of.

The truck continued to be my dad's for awhile, and when I took over payments. It looked like this.
2in drop blocks. 2in springs. Removed fender trim, sport mirrors, painted grill

Time progresses, some changes here and there.
Same drop. Removed moulding (including smooth bumper), street scene airdam. Oh yeah, and wheels Brother scratched up the eagle wheels in an accident, and since you can't buy that "exact" wheel... insurance footed the bill for almost the entire set of 16x8 torque thrust IIs.
Motor was still V6, with bolt-ons.
MSD 6a, Crane Coil, TBI spacer, open element air filter, upgraded clutch, and we had been through several shift forks in the tranny. My brother, dad, and I are NOT easy on it... especially with the long throw of the earlier 5 spds.

slotted and drilled rotors, braided lines...

Oh yeah, and the most awesome girlfriend EVAR.... organized a group purchase between my friends to get a bed cover for my B-day as well as a wax job and polishing the wheels. It was a total surprise as my mom had to "borrow" the truck for the day. G/f was gonna take me to dinner, but we stopped at Mike's house to pick something up... apparently, we were picking up the surprise party and my own truck.

Friends from highschool had also been bitten by the bug, and we had our trucks in pretty presentable states. This is Mike/Texnoma/Texas8, me, and Ronjon...

S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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A threaded rod came loose from the air-filter housing and made it into one of the cylinders at about 150k miles in about 2001-ish. The piston looked like it had been chiseled... and when pulled, it didn't come out in one piece.
My brother had an LT1 which was slated to go in his '87 Monte Carlo Aero-coupe, which I bought from him, along with his built 700r4 that was already in the car (his motor was pulled, and he was planning an entire rebuild). Knowing nothing about rebuilding motors, I hired a shop....which convinced me to let them do the entire swap. BAD IDEA. They took forever, knew nothing about S-10 swaps, and in the end, pretty much ripped me off. It was during this time that began internet searching about swaps, found ssf and it's wealth of info. I also found that LT1 S-10s weren't THAT uncommon... and didn't really need much fabrication. I passed this info on to the shop... which I had begun working at part-time... on my own truck. Oh yeah, and this is when I ran the codes to find out I had a 2.73

When it got out. LT1 (was supposed to be LT4), 700r4, forward mounted larger radiator, B&M starshifter (yes 3 speed shifter... can't hit 1st gear).
After some practice, I was hitting 13.8ish @ 98ish consistently. On one freak night, when the air was THICK with humidity (they closed the track after my run cause the fog was so thick you couldn't see 1/2 way down)... I ran a 13.59 @ 100.5... with the same 2.0 60ft as always. Just for grins, at one of the trips I blew through the traps bumping the limiter a couple times in 2nd gear and received a time slip which confirmed a 2-3 shift occurs at 95mph

As well as some highway runs late into the night. After running the numbers on gear size/tranny/tire size/RPMs.... the numbers are almost unbelievable. Good thing I didn't have a 150+mph speedo.. wouldn't have been NEARLY as fun As teel once put it... I am one of few people who run out of balls before gear... with good reason.
tires = 25.6
Rear-end = 2.73
3rd gear in 700r4 = 1.1
rpms = 5300 to 5400
mph = 147 to 150
That's the conservative numbers... I've had it higher.
S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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A vehicle and driver who shouldn't have been on the road pulled out between cars stopped at a light on my lunch break on 5/27/2003...
Other vehicle/driver... Uninsured, unlicensed, unregistered... no american ID, and went to Jail. Insurance totaled the truck, and did a full payout... but didn't give it a salvage title because I brought it to them within a month looking better than ever.
Accident: Yes, this technically totaled out the truck.

Better than ever: <remove ".sized" from photos for fullsize>

S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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What do you do with a beautiful truck?
HASTE meets...

Texas Meet, 3/2004 ...

and Nationals 2004
Met some awesome people... Chased Vettes through OK... and raced Morgan in Kansas City (while being chased by zygote). AWESOME time.... even though the track sucked and my truck ran it's slowest time evAr.

S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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5 years in the making..
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Great time line! I'll have to dig back and see how many pictures I have of my truck one of these days..

This picture brings back some memories.. our crew was 3rd truck (Blazer) back to the 7th truck (Ranger)!
Originally Posted by chevy42083
~Kurupt Visionz~
98 GMC Sonoma - bagged on 20s > Being re-built
93 GMC Sonoma - Longbed daily
91 GMC Sonoma - 383/S400 project
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...the last time my truck made it to any meets, 11/27/04


While exiting the highway, a truck pulled out in front of me, and I dove under it's rear bumper. That was January of 2005. Very crappy week for me... lots of things fell apart. Happy new year!

Before tearing into it, we pulled the core support straight, and took it for a drive. Wanted to make sure everything still felt alright, tracked straight, ran well , etc.
These are the same vids I posted a long time ago... but now on youtube since my website is no more...

Just revving it in the driveway.

Pass #1 Tried to get it to hook, but it didn't so I just laid into it all the way.

Pass #2 Tried from a roll. Still spun, so i just stayed on it... if I let up, it would've shifted to 2nd.
S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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Anyways, haven't posted any updates since then in ANY thread. So this is all news. Even though it's years old. Started collecting parts as I could afford them. There were issues from before the wreck that need attention also. Not pictured is the caltracs that I couldn't resist during a group purchase

Stripped as many bad parts from truck as I could while still being able to start it up....

June 2005. Found someone who was doing an envoy front-end, and was selling everything in front of the firewall. I have the inner fenders and core-support also.

Superior Radiator - V8 swap radiator. Don't wanna deal with overheating in the staging lanes dual core aluminum... BIG. Supposed to bolt right in.. but it needed trimming on the core support.

like a glove...

Also purchased...
SUM-G3910 Distribution block, T fitting, and proportioning valve all in one.

One of the volvo e-fans from the recalls awhile ago. Not sure if I'll have room for this beast or not.

Alan grove components LT1 low mount alternator bracket.
I bought mine from "alterstart", through their ebay store.
S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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At this point. The truck had sat in the garage from the time I test fit the new body parts on 8.7.05 (mangled core support, but bolted the rest on and took it for a quick drive. tracked straight, and ran well), but removed the parts to actually work on the truck. Replace core support, ABS delete, removed all stock accessory brackets...)
Until last night...
S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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The same just old :)
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Nice series of events...now I want to see updates of what you're doing now (not just cleaning the garage up ) You've done it before, I'm excited to see her on the road again.

Noteworthy: Em was on the phone in OKC

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