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chevy42083's truck's life...

Cliffs aka pic gallery

Table of Contents

Post #2:
16x8 American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels
Power Slot drilled/slotted rotors
Fiberglass bed cover (checkmate?... name slips my mind right now)

Post #3:
V8 and Auto install
Track times
Gearing calculations on top speed

Post #4:

Wreck #1

Post #5:
Goodmark Gen 1 cowl hood (purchased w/ a group purchase on SSF)
Shaved antenna and hood squirters

Post #6
Wreck #2
Videos... running with wrecked front-end

Post #7:

tear down & Parts acquisition begins
Complete used front-end
Superior radiators V8 swap radiator (ebay store)
Purchased SUM-G3910 Distribution block, T fitting, and proportioning valve all in one - $115
Volvo recall fan
Purchased Alan Grove Components Low mount LT1 alt. bracket. From Alterstart on Ebay - $60

Post #10:

Moving truck to have room to work on it.

Post #27:

Removal and (begin) installation of under hood brake stuff

<insert lots of random posting about parts searching for balancers and getting the run-around... Basically, autozone either has a number wrong, or a part in the wrong box. Never should have been that difficult.>

Post #71 & 72

Alt. bracket installed
Underhood brake stuff installed
Summit Racing Battery Relocation wires SUM-G1208 arrive - $73

Post #87

Belt for alt. bracket
Insulation on plug wires
Remote Battery box and wiring installed pics

Post #102

Tabs welded to core for mounting radiator
ebay Throttle Body airfoil installed

Post #106

Video - The neighbors roooster... oh, and the first time firing the truck back together after the accident.

Post #112

Worked through the night.
Radiator mounted v1.0

Post #117

Installed fenders and hood
First vid of it running (and staying running)

Post #127

Bumper/grill/lights installed.
Another drive... but running like crap this time.
Pic of butchered y-pipe

Post #134

Considering different coolant overflow tanks

Post #151

Beginning to De-ratnest it.

Post #152

De-ratnesting V.BehindDash

Post #185

Custom Printed gauges
LS1 brake prep

Post #203

Finish up de-wiring and integrating the painless harness to stock cluster.
Start of determining VSS wire for cluster

Post #214

First try with hotwire's aldl datacable - failure.
Following several posts full of confusion, including purchasing a new pcm

Post #241

Pic of painted front calipers

Post #254

video of truck running (badly) no Fbody pcm

Post #258

Getting Bbody pcm to read with OBD1 connector and OBDII connector
False alarm of mixing up knock sensor and coolant temp sensor

Post #286

First look at fuel trims using scanner

Post #292

Bbody PCM part number

Post #298

Got Data-logging and tuning software to work

Post #309

Injector Identification

Post #312

Potential Horsepower vs injector calculations

Post #329

Calibrating V6 tach to work with V8

Post #332

Purchased Coolant overflow
Shift light not working well... too slow.

Post #335

Shopping for plug wire looms

Post #343

Shimmed 98+ bumper to 94 grill
Ordered F.I.C. injectors

Post #346

First pics out of the shop, and video, and datalog with 20#injectors, and stock pump.
Injector duty cycle around 130%

Post #352

New Valve covers on

Post #368

specs on New injectors

Post #371

Fuel Pressure info

Post #371

Walbro on the way
3rd brake light works

Post #387

Registration sticker
Dash speakers in
Released Magic smoke from cluster
Pics at Brothers - sanded grill
S-nats... '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09

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