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Question wanna lower but want some solid info first

ok, i'm mike new to this site, figured i needed a place to get some info since i'm in pennsylvania, i don't have a wonderful selection of individuals around to ask.
i currently have a 2001 standard cab shortbed with the 2.2 and the fivespeed. i wanna lower it now. i have the standard suspesion package(but all i keep hearing about is the zq8)and i wanna slowly do my mods cuz i really don't know how low i wanna go. i wanna start with spindles and leafs. now i know everybody sells only springs and blocks, usually for the 2-3 drop, but i'd kinda like to stick with the spindles and leafs. i'd like to stick with belltech parts. is going with spindles and leafs a go way to go about doing this initial drop? i know for the back i'm going to need shocks, but do i need them for the frt. even if i am only changing spindles, or is it recommended that get them? anyone have any info about what i am to do about my drivelina angle r shims needed, or have you found out that they really aren't necessary with the belltech leafs. i wanna do a 2-3 drop for right now, but what if a decide to go lower, even if i purchase lowering shocks now will i still be able to use the same shock instaed of ditching them. i have found that belltech sells shocks with different increments. will i be able to find a shock from them that will suit my 2-3 drop, but still be used if i plan on going to a 4-5 drop using coils and blocks then. thanks info will be appreciated.
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I would either go with 2inch drop spindles and 3 inch blocks, or just get the zq8 suspension
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You won't need shims, 'cause you have regular cab, it 's the xtra cab that needs shims, sometimes! Xtracab has 2 piece driveshaft!!
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If I was in your situation I would probably go with the spindles in the front and either block the back or pull a leaf from the stock pack to make them ZQ8 leafs (there's a few topics around here on that one). The benefits of going with blocks in the back are: you don't need new shocks, cost is a lot cheaper, labor is much easier, you don't have to buy a new bolt for the front driver's side springeye (stock bolt is put in so that you can't get it out without either dropping the gas tank or cutting the head off the bolt) and the ride stays the same as stock. This way won't require new shocks. Now if remove a leaf from the rear, new shocks wouldn't be a bad idea, but I'd try it on the stock ones for a few days just to see how bad the ride is, if you decide you want to do new ones, it isn't hard to replace them. Up front, you won't need new shocks until you change the spring height. As for shims, I'm not sure on the regular cab, but I don't think you will need them unless you go a little more drastic than 2/3.
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Thumbs up suspension...

I have the exact same truck, 2.2L 5speed std cab. the route I took was a little more pricey. overall I've accomplished a 3/4 drop and it looks pretty clean. I'm the middle truck in the photo. next to me the blue one is SunDowns 4/5 drop, the black truck is a regular s10 xtreme no drops, take the skirts off her and you can imagine what your truck would look like. if I was in your boat I'd probably go with the new zq8 package. can't really go wrong with it. I went hotchkis because I wanted to freaking outcorner anything. but I'm overkill with everything I do, I'll admit it. I ended up with a hotchkis 2/3 coils, leafs, and sways. after that I did Beltech 2100 spindles to drop that nose down and 1" blocks. I don't have the blocks on yet, but they are soon to come. hope this helps and tell me how it goes. you shouldn't need new shocks, however I recommend getting new ones regardless. I've got stockers on mine still, and I'm desperately trying to ditch them. there are 10 times better shocks out there than the crappy ones they put on our trucs. it will ride a little rougher if you do coils and keep stock shocks. the only thing you'd need new shocks for is coils and leafs. no need for them with spindles and blocks. oh and you can pick up a set of 2100 spindles at any near by Baxters autoparts store. they stock them on the shelfs there so you won't have to eat shipping.

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